CAM Qualification Benefits

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CAM’s ability to integrate the many disciplines present in the marketing communications industry is its main benefit; giving specialists the breadth of knowledge to advise clients, internal and external, on the best ways to communicate a product or service.
Versatile, multi-skilled employees are highly prized. Knowledge is the key to work flexibility. You and those you work with need to have “what it takes” to be successful and keep pace with the rapid growth and changes in worldwide communication.

Students who have successfully completed a CAM qualification are entitled to use the designatory letters DipCAM (DigitalM) or DipCAM (MComms) after their name.

A CAM Qualification can…

  • Improve career prospects
  • Add a “roundedness” to your knowledge and to that of your team
  • Satisfy clients needs to look more broadly at the way in which their products and services are communicated

For thousands of professionals, CAM has provided the perfect solution to the challenges of modern marketing communication, satisfying the growing need to look broadly at the way products and services are communicated.

A CAM Qualification helps…

  • Clients internal and external receive better service, delivered with greater professionalism by practitioners who inspire confidence
  • Organisations to retain and develop valued employees. Individuals become more productive, moving into increasingly demanding roles where versatility and responsibility are vital
  • Practitioners gain confidence to devise, plan and execute communication programmes that work
  • The industry improve its reputation and ability to set standards and continually improve them
  • The managers and directors of tomorrow launch and invigorate their careers as CAM provides them with a broad-based platform from which to work. Many CAM graduates are already at the top of agency and client companies
  • Give practical knowledge plus theoretical understanding – the winning combination for professional success!

Who studies for a CAM qualification?

Students come from right across the spectrum of agency, client and supplier backgrounds. They work in marketing, advertising, public relations, the media, market research, sales promotion and direct marketing in both private and public sectors.
Anyone who works in a role that involves marketing communications stands to benefit from completing the CAM Diploma.

You will gain…

  • In depth knowledge of all the key elements needed for planning and executing integrated campaigns
  • Far greater breadth of knowledge and competence than work experience alone can ever provide
  • Flexibility to choose different ways in which to study
  • Up to date, relevant knowledge of both the theory and the reality of present and future marketing communication practice

Top up your marketing qualifications and knowledge

Cim graduates who have already completed the Certificate, Diploma or Post Graduate Marketing courses are exempt from the Customer Behaviour module. This means that they will only need to do the Digital Marketing Essentials and Digital Marketing Planning modules to get the full Digital Marketing Diploma.

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