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Jack RobertsJack Roberts is a practising Chartered Marketer who specialises in helping micro, small and medium businesses grow by applying marketing principles and manages the resource site Marketing for the Micro-business. He has nearly 25 years experience in marketing roles including Marketing Manager for Halifax plc and has the Diploma of the Institute of Direct Marketing as well as the CIM’s Certificate in eMarketing Excellence. As well as lecturing, training and assignment mentoring with the Oxford College of Marketing, he lectures part-time at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School.

He believes that marketing is not just a set of communication tools and techniques – it is a way of doing business. It means understanding your customer’s needs and wants and then channelling all aspects of your company to meet those needs and wants. That’s what leads to profit and success. Jack’s skill is in giving you the skills to do that in your own company. He lives and breathes practical marketing and business development for companies every day. This style is brought to you in his training – you will see and experience how businesses and marketing operate in the real world, in your world.

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