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Mike BerryMike Berry is a highly experienced Digital Marketing Consultant and trainer. Mike gained a BSc in Maths and an MSc in Industrial Economics and Sociology at Imperial College London.

He started his marketing career at Procter & Gamble then worked at a number of Direct and Digital agencies including EHS Brann (EHS 4D), Wunderman London (Board Director), DraftFCB (Head of European Integration) and Jack Morton (Interpublic) where he was Head of Digital for Europe, Middle East and North Africa. He has worked with clients including Nestlé, Ford, Prudential, Marriott, Xerox, Heineken, Mars, McDonald’s, Hugo Boss, RSA and Lacoste.

Mike is passionate about the role of Digital as part of the Integrated Marketing Mix. He is the author of The New Integrated Direct Marketing (Gower). Mike writes an influential blog on technology and marketing, and has over 5,000 Twitter followers!

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