Stana Orihelova

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Stana OrihelovaStana Orihelova – Student Finance Manager & Creative Artworker

Stana has over 7 year experience in a very customer-focused environment, working in sales, marketing and event management for international hotel companies. She graduated from Oxford Brookes University, gaining a first class honours degree in International Hospitality Management.  Stana joined us in 2012 and manages the student finance function, accounts receivables, payment plans, finance transitions and refunds. She also assists with month end accounts analysis. In addition to her finance responsibilities, she is also responsible for branding & design; creates and updates all our collaterals. Stana loves new ideas and incorporating them into different projects, whether it is finance or design.  To deepen her knowledge of Digital Marketing, Stana has achieved an award in Digital Marketing Essentials (with the CIM). With an interest in management accounting which she finds both challenging and very interesting, she has joined CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) as a studying member and has so far successfully completed the CIMA Certificate in Business & Accounting.  In her spare time, Stana enjoys sports and has a soft spot for tennis and ice-skating. She is an advocate of healthy lifestyle including healthy eating, home-made cosmetics and exercise.  What keeps her going throughout the day at work? Green Tea, and lots of it!

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