Strategic marketing consultancy and training

The Oxford College of Marketing’s Oxford Roadmap is a new methodology that ensures all the factors that influence strategy are considered in the creation of the marketing plan.

From this comprehensive analysis, strategic recommendations are made which match the strengths of the organisation to market opportunities. The Oxford College of Marketing can then create bespoke consultancy and training programmes – from advanced marketing management training courses, to coaching and marketing skills development – to ensure your organisation has the capability to meet its new objectives.

Marketing training on three levels – individual, group and organisational

Having conceived their strategy and marketing plans, marketing directors and managers often discover that other aspects of the organisation need to be considered in order to realise the new strategy.

Our marketing training and marketing consultancy services operate on three levels to ensure the organisation can live up to its potential.

The Individual

This type of consultancy focuses on individuals and their role relationships – their problems and concerns, what prevents them from carrying out their tasks and how to make the most of the opportunities presented to them. It provides an opportunity for them to reflect on their ability to work in role and understand more about themselves and group and organisational process in order to develop their managerial capabilities and work more effectively.

The Group

Marketing consultancy carried out in groups focuses on how people in the group work together in order to enable the group to work more effectively. It enables people within the group to extend their understanding of group and organisational process and the part each person plays within them.

The Organisation

Here the focus is on the organisation as a whole. The process enables managers to look at how the various aspects of organisational life fit together. It enables the organisation to diagnose and understand inter group conflict and morale problems, and investigate ways to manage culture change related to mergers and strategic partnerships. It also helps tackle the issues organisations face as they become more customer focused.

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