Postgraduate Diploma In Marketing Syllabus

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Emerging Themes

This module will help students relate their learning to the macro-, micro- and meso-environment (contemporary business issues, marketing professionalism and standards). Assessment is by writing a journal article on one of the themes, plus a discussion paper examining the impact on their business and industry in the future.

Analysis and Decision

This unit prepares students to undertake a strategic audit of the organisation in order to assess its ability to deliver its business and marketing strategy, and to make strategic choices and decisions based on that audit within the context of a dynamic global market place. The unit focuses on the tools for strategic decision -making of this type, including financial and risk analysis for each decision. It embraces the 2004 syllabus that covered Analysis and Evaluation, Strategic Marketing Decisions and the Case study courses. Assessment is by pre-seen case study and it is expected to be taught in a similar way to the 2008 Case Study paper.

Marketing Leadership and Planning

The purpose of this unit is to develop the skills to evaluate options, make strategic decisions and develop strategic plans based on a clear understanding of the organisation’s need for change and how best to manage it,  providing clear and strong leadership. Assessment is by integrative work-based project encompassing a number of mandatory tasks needing leadership in given scenarios.

Managing Corporate Reputation

This module looks at the strategic role of marketing communications. It is concerned with the nature, characteristics, creation and management of reputation. This includes corporate brand and corporate positioning. Assessment is a work-related assignment with one compulsory task and one from three electives. The elective will involve writing articles, case studies, white papers and reports.

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It may be possible on the basis of work experience and/or qualifications to enter at the higher levels. We will be happy to make an assessment of your entry level, according to supporting evidence you can provide, and will help you with your application. Oxford College of Marketing will try to help students with marketing experience (but no marketing in their degree) to gain entry to a higher level of study.

In case you are a little rusty on theory, we will ask you to do the Marketing Gateway Programme that will help you to revise basic marketing theory covered in the lower level courses. This material is available to all students who apply for the Professional Diploma and the Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and will help you to prepare for the CIM level entry tests. The test, along with advice from the college, should help you to decide your level of entry.

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