Our network of professional trainers and specialist practitioners offer a comprehensive range of short marketing courses. Because we divide each course into units, clients can book a series of short (three hour) blocks running over several weeks. These can be delivered at your company in breakfast, lunch or teatime sessions that mean the minimum disruption to the working day.

Online support and follow-up

Delegates can access the Oxford College of Marketing’s specialist online student support system for their course materials, extra reading, ideas for practical applications and exercises. In addition they have email follow-up and support with the trainer following the completion of the programme.

In-house marketing courses portfolio

1.Persuasive Presentation and Media Relations

  • 1.1 Powerful Business Proposals
  • 1.2 Persuading Your Audience Using Effective Presentation
  • 1.3 Successful Copywriting for Marketers
  • 1.4 Successful Writing
  • 1.5 Successful Press Relations for PRs and Marketers
  • 1.6 Writing for the Web

2. Graphic Design and Marketing Communications

  • 2.1 Briefing Design / Creative Work

3. Marketing Information Management

  • 3.1 How to Develop a Successful Market Research Brief
  • 3.2 Evaluating your Marketing Campaigns
  • 3.3 Excel for Marketing

4. Marketing Finance

  • 4.1 Marketing Finance and Budgeting (for non-financial staff)
  • 4.2 Value-Based Marketing
  • 4.3 Marketing Models
  • 4.4 Finance for Marketing Professionals

5. Customers and Relationship Management

  • 5.1 How to Find Potential Customers
  • 5.2 Convert Prospects into Loyal Customers and Advocates
  • 5.3 Care About Your Customers – Customer Service that Counts

6. Effective Selling

  • 6.1 Effective Selling
  • 6.2 Telemarketing for Sales and Appointments
  • 6.3 Effective Business Networking – ConNectworking
  • 6.4 Negotiating for Sales Professionals

7. Entry Level Marketing Courses

  • 7.1 Marketing for Profit 1: The Essential Toolkit!
  • 7.2 Marketing for Profit 2: The Essential Toolkit!
  • 7.3 Attracting New Customers
  • 7.4 Happy Customers, Higher Profits!
  • 7.5 Customer Communication that Counts!

8.Level 1 Marketing Courses

  • 8.1 Staying Ahead of the Competition
  • 8.2 Launching a Product or Service
  • 8.3 Building a Coherent Proposition
  • 8.4 Marketing Planning – how to turn daydreams into reality and avoid the nightmares!

9.Level 2 Marketing Courses

  • 9.1 Profitable Management of Your Customers

10.Level 3 Marketing Courses

  • 10.1 Preparing Your Marketing Strategy
  • 10.2 Implementing Your Marketing Strategy
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Online Learning System – Two Week Free Trial

Our student online learning system provides learning support for students studying all CIM, UCI Digital courses, Oxcom Digital Marketing and ISM courses. You will be given access to recorded classes, live and recorded webinars, podcasts, course notes as well as reading resources, examples and analysis of exam questions and videos provided by The Oxford Learning Lab.