If you couldn’t make or missed out on the free Subject Specific Marketing Webinars, don’t panic! We have the recording of it right here:

UCI Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing
In this webinar recording, we’ll tell you more about the UCI Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing and give you guidance on what’s involved, plus give you some pointers on whether to do one of the UCI Postgraduate Qualifications.

Personal Branding

This webinar will enable you to give your personal brand a health check, develop its strengths, be mindful of its challenges and be sure to do yourself justice.

Are you Making These Marketing Planning Mistakes?

This webinar will give you a practical understanding of marketing planning as well as how to avoid the mistakes that many SMEs make. You’ll see how businesses can avoid such mistakes and successfully use marketing planning to grow their business.

Social Media Monitoring Tools
During this practical webinar will look at how some freely available tools such as Google’s Wildfire, Socialbakers and Socialmention work and how they assist in providing organisations insight on target markets and competitors based on social media metrics.

Google Planning Tools
Google Planning Tools – Interact with tools to draw insights and inform your marketing strategy.

CIM level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing Information Webinar
This webinar outlines key information relating to the CIM Syllabus change for the Level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing. The Webinar will look at content of the new syllabus as well as how it will be assessed.

Affiliate Marketing 101
How to buy advertising on a performance basis
UK businesses spent over £1bn last year on affiliate marketing, generating over £14bn in sales. Pete Dickenson from www.impacttag.com will provide an introduction to the affiliate marketing channel and demonstrate how some businesses are utilising this channel to achieve success.

The Future of Digital Marketing
We know that digital technology has fundamentally disrupted numerous vertical sectors: just look at Music, Travel/ Leisure and Publishing. To marketers, it sometime seems like digital is moving too fast for us to keep up.

Native Advertising
A new digital advertising opportunity or just an advertorial in disguise?
With 41% of brands surveyed by Hexagram (2013) suggesting they are already engaged with Native Advertising; it’s clear that there is a significant buzz around this advertising format.

CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing
New Syllabus Information Webinar
This Webinar will look in-depth at the new syllabus for the Level 4 Certificate in Marketing.

CIM Diploma in Professional Marketing
New Syllabus Information Webinar
This Webinar will look in-depth at the new syllabus for the Level 6 Diploma in Marketing which will be run by the Oxford College of Marketing.

Content Marketing
US digital marketing/social media Guru Seth Godin is reported to have said: “Content Marketing is all the marketing that’s left.” But what exactly do we mean by Content Marketing?

Measuring Social Media
Social Media is a great way to start dialogue with your customers online as well as creating brand awareness and a buzz around new products and services.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)
Paid Search (eg. Google AdWords) is a powerful and flexible marketing tool. But which keywords should you be bidding on? How can you attract the right users to see your ads, click through to your landing page and then go on to convert?

Digital Attribution: Did the last click really just win?
Digital attribution looks to identify the series of touchpoints a site visitor has with a variety of channels before they buy.

Mobile Marketing
In a world where multi-screening has become the norm and most people are searching, buying and engaging through mobile devices, this webinar will look at the ever changing mobile landscape as well as the tools and resources available to marketers to better understand the mobile customer.

The Marketing Plan
The starting point for any journey is understanding where you are coming from. In this webinar Ray Murphy talks through the important steps in completing a situation audit, which is the starting point for the marketing planning process.

Measuring Digital Campaigns
This session will provide insight into some of the key metrics that can be used to measure the success of digital campaigns as well as some of the tools and techniques that can be applied to assist organisations in judging performance.

Everyone’s Talking Big Data
Big data is one of biggest buzz words around in marketing channels these days but what is Big Data? Pete Dickenson from www.impacttag.com takes us through an introduction to exactly what is big data.

Email Marketing In Practice Webinar
The Email Marketing In Practice webinar was a huge success and very popular, meaning we are looking into putting a similar one on again in the future.

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