Aileen FrenchAileen French has been a University lecturer in Marketing for the last 20 plus years, an Oxford College of Marketing tutor for 11 years, and now works part-time at university as a senior lecturer, tutoring mainly postgraduate and post-experience students and focusing particularly on international and service marketing applications, especially looking at tourism. At the same time she runs a number of consultancies, mainly small business enterprises, helping them develop their marketing, on and off line communications and Customer Relationship Management strategies. Several of these are located abroad, necessitating frequent travel and interaction with different cultures, which provide a non-stop source of real life cases for teaching and learning.

She was an examiner for the Chartered Institute of Marketing for nine years, examining Diploma examination papers and is one of the Oxford College of Marketing’s internal moderators, checking and evaluating the final pieces of work before the assignments are passed to the Chartered Institute of Marketing for final grading.

In between travelling abroad for business and occasionally also for pleasure, she enjoys her garden, her lovely grandchildren (and of course their parents) and has been planning for the last 15 or so years to write a book based on her many idiosyncratic blogs about the interactions with businesses and their customers that she meets, experiences which keep the practice of marketing alive.

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