Liz Barnes

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Liz BarnesLiz Barnes┬ábegan her career in marketing 20 years ago in classic FMCG roles with Express Dairies, Trebor and Kimberley Clark, where she became European marketing manager for Kleenex tissues. In the early 1990s she joined Eurotunnel to help launch its new holiday business. The challenges and insights gained from working in a service environment prompted her move into business consultancy and training, specialising in marketing, communications, human behaviour and customer services. She has trained corporate clients and SMEs and is now a regular speaker at various conferences, sharing her passion for ConNectworking – Effective Business Networking.

Liz has lectured on Chartered Institute of Marketing programmes for nine years. She has also taught management on DMS and CIMS programmes. Liz is currently lecturing degree students at Brighton University. She is also an active branch member of the local Chartered Institute of Marketing executive committee.