Sylwia Presley

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Sylwia_PresleyDirector and Head of Client Services at NFP Voice (, Sylwia Presley is an experienced social media strategist and word of mouth marketer with experience with 1000heads, first UK word of mouth agency. Sylwia previously worked for Cemex, TATA and Nokia. She is transferring her word of mouth marketing experience with leading brands like Nokia, Toshiba, Castrol in several regions of the world to the next level working primarily with nonprofit global brands (Prince’s Charities, ActionAid, EU Commission) at the moment.

Applying methodology of Institute of Business Ethics in London she is contributing to conferences and social media events with her insights on social media ethics and transparency. She is also using her social media expertise to contribute to activist work of Global Voices Online and well as fundraising projects like Twestival. Interested in freedom of speech, she is developing the goals of Barcamp Nonprofits, Voice Tweetups and European Centre of Journalism’s Think Brigade reporting platform.
She is blogging over at her main website,

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