Transform your organisation into a truly customer-first business in just 13 weeks.

In partnership with Martin Newman, our Mini MBA will equip you with the tools and skills needed to create a fully customer centric business.

Designed for business owners and senior management across consumer facing sectors or those who want to fast track their career, this forward-thinking course will take you through the fundamentals of customer centricity. It will enable you to drive customer-led change within your organisation and improve bottom-line profitability.

Mini MBA in Customer Centricity
£1350 +VAT

Study Options and Start Dates

This course is delivered through two live webinars as well as two live Q&A sessions.

Next start date: 18th September 2023

What’s Included

13 on-demand practical lessons

4 live online sessions with Martin Newman

A digital copy of Martin Newman’s book ‘The Power of Customer Experience’

Podcasts delivered by Martin Newman

A final post-graduate assessment, graded by an expert tutor

What’s Involved

The Mini MBA in Customer Centricity will provide you with a framework to create truly customer first business and to reap the commercial benefits of doing so. You’ll learn how to create a culture centred around employee empowerment and how to increase customer lifetime value. From great customer service, to personalised customer experience and the internal operating models and policies required, you’ll learn how to drive customer-led change within a business.

Module 1: Employee Engagement

To be customer centric, you must cultivate employee satisfaction. Learn how to create an organisational culture that helps to deliver customer centricity.

Module 2: Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is more than a tick box exercise. Learn how to develop social responsibility policies that prove to customers and employees you’re taking it seriously.

Module 3: Diversity and Inclusion (inside and outside the organisation)

The more diverse and inclusive your business is the more successful you’ll be.

Assess gaps in diversity and inclusion within an organisation and plan for the future.

Module 4: Customer Experience

Learn how to create a customer experience across all your channels and touchpoints that meets the needs of your most important customer segments.

Module 5: Technology as an Enabler

We tend to overestimate the impact of technology in the short-term and underestimate its impact in the longer-term. Learn how to prioritise and evaluate the technology solutions required to deliver the experience your customers expect.

Module 6: Channel Strategy

To be successful, you need more than an omni-channel strategy. You need to develop a customer-centric channel strategy based on the needs of your most important customer cohorts.

Module 7: Customer Centric Marketing

Understand the opportunity to drive up profitability by moving from push to pull communications and how personalisation can help turn customers into fans.

Module 8: Organisation Structure and Skills

To ensure customers receive consistent experiences through all channels and touchpoints, you need to define an operating model to deliver customer centricity within the organisation.

Module 9: Measuring what Really Matters

Cut through the noise about big data to get to actionable insight. Learn how to successfully measure and evaluate customer centricity in an organisation.

Module 9: Activation Plan

The key to the successful implementation of customer centricity across your organisation is to have a prioritised plan of action. Our activation plan will provide you with the framework and steps for achieving true customer centricity.

Individually, the Mini MBA is about ensuring the future success of your business and becoming a leader in your field. Collectively, it is about changing the culture, outlook and mindset of your business to put the customer at the heart of all that you do.

If you are interested in placing your team or organisation through the Mini MBA, get in touch for more information about our corporate training.

The course costs £1,350 + VAT

We provide payment plans to suit most students.

There are no formal training requirements to join this course. The course is aimed at business owners, senior managers with strategic responsibilities who wish to change and challenge the norm – or those who wish to fast-track their career. You can start the Mini MBA in Customer Centricity at various points throughout the year.

About Martin Newman

One of the world’s leading authorities on customer centricity, Martin is a force for positive change for both consumers and brands.

With his finger on the pulse of consumer behaviour, wants and needs he is a leading authority on customer experience and customer centricity. Helping consumer facing businesses and brands to future proof their businesses by putting the customer at the heart of all they do.  Championing consumers, brands and businesses.

Known as the Consumer Champion and founder of Customer Service Action, and The Customer First Group. Martin has been working in the consumer-facing sector for 40 years, founding and chairing e-commerce consultancy Practicology, and heading up multichannel operations for brands such as Burberry, Ted Baker and Harrods.

Martin regularly appears on BBC, Sky News, Channel 5 and other media outlets to talk about consumer behaviour, customer service and related business issues across retail, consumer goods, hospitality and other consumer sectors.

A passionate speaker, presenter, and author of the award-nominated 100 Practical Ways to Improve Customer Experience, and The Power of Customer Experience, Martin offers practical and humorous advice on the challenges facing modern customer-facing businesses and how they need to transform their end-to-end customer experience in the face of a changing market.

Martin Newman
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