For marketing to be taken seriously in the boardroom, marketers need to be able to speak the language of directors, understand what their requirements are, and position proposals in a way they would understand. This course equips you to do that by explaining the principles of organizational finance and illustrating how shares and shareholding works. It will give you the skills to conduct financial and statistical analysis, and know how to assess investments in the language of finance and the boardroom so that powerful justifications and insightful decisions can be made.

Each session has an interactive Powerpoint which you can also download for later reference together with associated additional resources such as videos, weblinks, articles and activities to help you deepen your understanding of the topics. It is not formally assessed but the College’s support facilities are available to check if your understanding is correct and whether you are approaching the activities in an effective way.

The five sessions are:

  • Session 1 – Introduction to Organisational Finances
  • Session 2 – Shares and Shareholding
  • Session 3 – Analysis of Financial Data
  • Session 4 – Principles of Investment Decisions
  • Session 5 – Statistical Analysis

Finance for the Boardroom

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