Our Diploma in Digital Marketing is designed for anyone who wants to increase their practical experience and insight into all things digital.

This forward-thinking, dynamic course will take you through the fundamentals of digital marketing, campaign planning and execution and most importantly, how to measure and analyse to improve return on investment. Made up of five compulsory units and three elective units, the course takes approximately one year to complete.

The course consists of 10 units in total and to achieve the full ‘Diploma in Digital Marketing’, you must complete 8 units. On completion of 5 compulsory units, you will achieve a ‘Certificate in Digital Marketing’. After successful completion of each unit, delegates can instantly recognise this with an ‘Award’. For example, if you successfully complete the Social Media Marketing unit, you can recognise this as an ‘Award in Social Media Marketing’ and you can instantly add recognition of your achievement to your CV.

Distance Learning

  • Single Module £285.00 +VAT

Oxford College of Marketing is an OCN Approved Centre and the Diploma in Digital Marketing is accredited by OCN London and Ofqual as a level 4 qualification. All units are assessed via a written workbook assessment. Exemptions are available.

Who should study the Diploma in Digital Marketing?

A wide range of delegates will find this course essential to their career progression and digital marketing understanding. This course is designed to help you achieve:

  • A detailed understanding of digital marketing

  • Career progression into digital marketing

  • An understanding as to how to successfully plan and implement a digital marketing campaign

  • An understanding on how to maximise return on investment measurement from digital marketing activities

Diploma in Digital Marketing Course Modules

Essentials of Digital Marketing – Mandatory Unit

Understand the key benefits of organisations undertaking digital marketing activities, and how they can be integrated with more traditional marketing.

  • Learn about the key elements of digital campaigns including objective setting, budgeting and implementation

  • Understand the digital communications mix and how digital media can be applied and measured

Marketing Fundamentals – Mandatory Unit

This unit is ideal for learning the basics of marketing for the first time or it can be used as revision by more experienced professionals. If you have previous marketing experience or qualifications, you may be eligible for an exemption. The module covers:

  • What is marketing?

  • How do consumers buy and what influences affect this?

  • How can internal and external environments affect our marketing plans?

  • How to plan marketing activities

Digital Marketing Planning – Mandatory Unit

Learn how to plan digital marketing activities and how the developing technology affects potential customers and their needs.

  • Explore the different stages to developing an effective digital marketing plan

  • Understand how the different elements of the digital marketing mix can be applied

  • Learn how to control and measure digital marketing plans

Digital Analytics – Mandatory Unit

Measuring digital marketing activities is one of the key challenges facing businesses today. Understand how digital marketing activities can be successfully monitored, measured, analysed and optimised to improve results and ROI.

  • Investigate core web metrics that can be used to evaluate website performance

  • Understand a range of quantitative and qualitative indicators and reports that can be used to evaluate an online presence

  • Understand the importance of adopting a testing strategy

Online Customer Experience – Mandatory Unit

The customer should be at the heart of everything a marketer does. Understand the importance of digital customer experience and explore how this can affect the relationship between an organisation and customer. This module covers:

  • How does the digital customer experience differ from the offline?

  • Learn how to map the customer journey

  • Understand the principles of user centre design

  • Monitor and measure online customer experience

  • Test and improve your customer experience

Social Media Marketing – Elective Unit

Understand and explore the hype behind social media and how your organisation can use social media to its advantage. Learn how you can effectively communicate with your customers through social media.

  • Understand the value of social media to organisations and channels available

  • Understand how organisations can engage with users through social media channels

  • Know how social media campaigns can be planned and executed

  • Understand the metrics and tools that can be used to measure the effectiveness of social media activities

Digital Advertising – Elective Unit

With more customers using digital channels, digital advertising is a must to get your brand message in front of your target audience. Learn about the different digital advertising techniques and how they can help organisations achieve their digital marketing objectives.

  • Learn about the different types of digital advertising and the most appropriate for organisations

  • Understand the technology and platforms used in digital advertising

  • Learn how to write and schedule a digital media plan

  • Understand the most appropriate methods for measuring a digital advertising campaign

Search Engine Marketing – Elective Unit

With the majority of product research starting with a search engine, understanding search engine marketing/techniques is now critical for marketers. Learn about the key differences between paid and optimised search and how to develop effective search campaigns.

  • What are the key success factors for Search Engine Optimisation?

  • Understand keyword research for search engines

  • Explore the key stages in paid search campaigns

  • Understand the metrics and tools used to measure SEO and paid search performance

Content Marketing – Elective Unit

Consumers are receiving more advertising messages than ever before. Content marketing provides brands with the ability to build relationships with customers and avoid less effective ‘hard sell’ tactics. Learn how content marketing can be used to effectively communicate with customers through a variety of digital channels and how this can help organisations achieve their digital marketing goals.

  • Understand the different types of content that organisations can use

  • Understand the role of content marketing through the customer journey

  • Learn how to successfully create appropriate content and distribute effectively

  • Learn how to measure the success of content marketing activities

Email Marketing – Elective Unit

Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing, yet it still continues to be an important communication tool for organisations. Understand how organisations can utilise email marketing to successfully communicate with customers and prospects activities.

  • Know the key stages to building a successful email marketing campaign

  • Understand how to build and segment databases

  • Understand the critical success factors for email marketing

  • Understand how to effectively measure email marketing campaign performance

Study Options

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We are currently not running face to face open evenings, due to Covid restrictions. However, we are running virtual open evenings, please click here for more information. If you would like to book a virtual appointment with one of our team to discuss your study options, please contact enquiries@oxfordpeg.com.

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Last year I decided to take the Level 3 certification in Digital Marketing with OXCOM and I am so happy with my choice. They provided so much guidance, even if I was a distant learner the support I received was priceless. I landed on my first ever Marketing job and now I am looking forward to completing the next step. They teach you from scratch and after taking the course you have the confidence to apply the knowledge. Outstanding service provided!
Camelia Palai
Camelia Palai
22:59 10 Jan 22
I'm currently studying the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing at the Oxford College of Marketing. I have been very impressed with everything regarding my virtual learning: Jane Adrain has been the tutor on my modules so far and she teaches the topic in every engaging and knowledgeable way - having breakouts so topics can be discussed with other students in the class, giving the online learning a social element; tutors are also very helpful and available for questions during assignments; college staff are very responsive and friendly; lots of learning resources are provided and reading materials suggested. Very positive about my learning so far and I highly recommend the Oxford College of Marketing.
RM Kelly
RM Kelly
19:12 04 Dec 21
I really appreciate the way Oxford college support in all communications and the material shared by them is really fantastic which is quite friendly and easy to grab and understand. I highly recommend this college.
Richa Kumar
Richa Kumar
10:34 25 Nov 21
I picked Oxford College of Marketing from the list of CIM study centres I originally contacted because they were able to answer all my questions and provide guidance from first point of contact. All their communications were prompt and genuinely helpful instead of a sales pitch.In my studies with them, I have found the same level of support, especially during the Covid pandemic. The tutors and the support team truly go above and beyond. No question is left unanswered and there are a number of extra resources you are given access to, as well as curated reading lists and online articles which are relevant to the module you are studying.I recommend the college and most importantly the staff.
Zahreen Sharp
Zahreen Sharp
10:26 20 Nov 21
I'm currently studying level 4 in professional digital marketing and already on my 2nd module. So far I've enjoyed it and looking forward to finishing my studies and graduating with a certificate so i can move within my current role.
11:20 09 Nov 21
Really pleased with the support from OCM and my tutor. It really makes the process slick.
Ivana Kircanski
Ivana Kircanski
16:03 08 Nov 21
Had a great experience learning with OXCOM for my CIM Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing. Would recommend to anyone looking to complete this qualification.
Alex Townsend
Alex Townsend
12:21 06 Nov 21
Very good student support, from start to finish. I can recommend the Oxford College of Marketing: they have well prepare & supportive customer service and very good tutors who are always ready to help and guide you in the right direction.
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Silvia Capogna
09:14 06 Nov 21