Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide – What salespeople REALLY do and work more effectively together to increase sales.


This informative, highly interactive one day workshop will help you to understand how well sales people work and the processes and approaches they use.

It is designed to help marketing work more effectively with sales to increase sales.

This challenging and fun day will fill you with ideas and best practice of marketing and sales working together from role clarity, sales process, developing and tailoring value propositions to increasing the lifetime of a customer.
The Course Director is Clare O’Shea.


The aim of this workshop is to provide you with a logical and structured approach to developing more effective integration with sales.

The workshop examines the essential criteria necessary for building successful support and integration between sales and marketing departments and roles.

Discover practical ways to overcome the real challenges of true sales and marketing integration.  Discover effective ways to increase and grow your sales!

Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide – Sample Agenda PDF

Bridging the Sales and Marketing Divide

  • 27th February 2018

Who Should Attend

This workshop is designed for you if you are interested in working more effectively with your sales department, sales managers or salespeople.  It is suitable for Marketing Managers, Marketing Executives and Entrepreneurs.

Course Content

This workshop will provide best practice checklists supported by real-life examples and interactive exercises to help you understand the following:

Sales and the Marketing Mix – Where does Sales fit into your organisation?

What Sales actually do

  • The Sales Process – What are the different steps?
  • Different Sales Roles – Hunter vs farmer, field sales vs KAM, transactional vs solution sales
  • Targeting & incentives – How do these impact sales behaviours?
  • The Buying Process – How customer-centric is your organisation?

How Marketing can add value – Best practice ideas

  • Identifying and targeting customers
  • Developing and articulating value propositions
  • After the Sale

Developing your Action plan – to increase sales by working more effectively.

London – Course Dates

27th February 2018
31st May 2018
28th September 2018

All locations are subject to minimum numbers.

Reading – Course Dates

27th February 2018
31st May 2018
28th September 2018

All locations are subject to minimum numbers.

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