Effective Copywriting for Marketing Communications – Tips and techniques to increase impact and achieve positive results with your writing.


Good copy makes a big difference to perceptions of your brand. It can also directly help to drive sales. In this one-day, interactive programme, you will pick up a range of useful tips, which can be applied straight away in your ads, brochures, direct communications and digital content. Learn how to avoid the most common mistakes that marketers typically make with their copywriting and find new ways to add sparkle to your text.
The Course Director is Phil Woodford.

Effective Copywriting for Marketing Communications

  • Thursday 21st May 2020


Through a series of practical exercises and group discussion, you’ll explore the challenges commonly faced by writers and think about the way in which words can be used to communicate marketing messages. You’ll discover different techniques to grab your reader’s attention and sustain their interest. There will also be the opportunity to explore the issue of tone of voice and the way in which writing changes across different media.

Effective Copywriting for Marketing Communications – Sample PDF

Course Details

Who Should Attend

The course is ideal for marketers who are asked to write copy as part of a wider role, manage copywriters or who are responsible for reviewing the work of freelancers and agencies.

Course Benefits

  • Greater confidence in starting with a blank page
  • Reassurance that you’re avoiding costly mistakes with your writing
  • Understanding of how to produce attention-grabbing headlines
  • Appreciation of the opportunities presented to writers by different media
  • Ability to appraise the work of agencies

Course Content

  • The ten most common copywriting errors and how to avoid them
  • Tips for creating effective ad headlines and email subject lines
  • Developing a distinctive tone of voice for your organisation
  • Writing for digital and social media
  • Targeting customers directly through letters and emails
  • Adapting strategies of news journalists for press releases and web content
  • Future trends in copywriting

Course Dates and Locations

Thursday 21st May 2020 – London and Oxford.


This course can be delivered in-house readymade or tailored to meet the specific needs of company teams. Other bespoke development programmes can also be scoped, designed and delivered to provide unique learning solutions on a range of practical and relevant topics.
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