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Marketing Metrics – Making your data reveal its secrets.


The marketing world has become digital.  But it has also become much more quantitative. For many marketers “quants” present a real challenge.  With the right skills, the quantitative data that flows across our computer screens and desks can be “mined” for real gems of insight. This course gives participants an appreciation of the power of data and how the data can be used to the benefit of our businesses.
The Course Director is Harry McDivitt.


Metrics and analytics have become “big business”. The widespread availability of robust data from sales, marketing, accounting and customer care activities, as well as the way major businesses are employing data for prediction and profiling have made this an area no marketer can afford to ignore.    So much information is locked up in these numbers but accessing and making use of the data for marketing purposes is a challenging task.  In this one day programme we will help signpost marketing people to the kinds of information that their data hides and provide an introduction to the tools that can be used to distil out real meaning.

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for those who need to go beyond just looking at the numbers and want to find out what secrets their numbers are hiding.  Typical participants will include marketing leaders, product and brand managers, business analysts, pricing specialists and accountants.

Marketing Metrics – Sample Agenda PDF


Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Know the main kinds of marketing data and what it can tell you;
  • Know the different kinds of insights that sound data analysis can provide;
  • Know what analyses are appropriate for your data and who should do it;

Be able to apply marketing metrics to track marketing programmes.


  • The role of marketing metrics in modern enterprises
  • Different techniques for analysing marketing data
  • Marketing performance measures and tracking techniques
  • Sources of data for marketing analysis
  • Data driven market insight

This course can be delivered in-house readymade or tailored to meet the specific needs of company teams. Other bespoke development programmes can also be scoped, designed and delivered to provide unique learning solutions on a range of practical and relevant topics.
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