Marketing Planning – If you do what you have always done you will be left behind.


The environment is fast moving, competitors are quick to take opportunities and organisations need to be able to respond and build competitive advantage.
This one day course will provide a simple structured step by step approach to help build a marketing plan.


Exploring step by step marketing planning process to understand key challenges and how the organisation can manage it resources to greatest advantage. Preparing outline plans which are measurable to ensure that resources are used effectively.
The Course Director is Suzanne Cole.

Marketing Planning

  • 7th August 2019

Course Details

Who Should Attend

Ideally people who are developing marketing plans and seeking to improve the competitiveness of their organisation. This applies to people working in a range of organisations from a small business, not for profit, consumer or B2B businesses.

Course Content

  • Introduction
    What is marketing and how it benefits your organisation
  • The Marketing Plan
    Key stages and the planning process
  • Understanding the marketing environment
    The big picture showing the key factors such as economic change
  • Understanding your customer and markets
    Building a profile of the customer to show who they are and what are their needs
    Understanding customer segments and matching to the skills of your organisation
  • Understanding competitors
    Who are they and what are their strengths and weakness
  • The Organisation and the Marketing Mix
    Examine the extended marketing mix, product, price, channels, promotion and service delivery.
    Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the current mix
    Examine sources of advantage and the importance of building the relationship.
  • Developing the Plan
    Setting objectives
    Positioning the organisation
    Developing the marketing tools to create value for the customer.
    Implementation and measurement to show that the plan can be delivered.
    Measuring success and ensuring that the plan is on track

Course Benefits

  • Understanding of the structure and components of a marketing plan
  • Insight into the impact of the external environment on the organisation
  • Appreciation of the capabilities of the organisation
  • Developing the outline plan
  • Understanding the role of measurement in the planning process

Course Dates and Locations

11th June – London.

All locations are subject to minimum numbers.

This course can be delivered in-house readymade or tailored to meet the specific needs of company teams. Other bespoke development programmes can also be scoped, designed and delivered to provide unique learning solutions on a range of practical and relevant topics.
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