Social Media – Buzz word or Revolution?

Social Media – Buzz word or Revolution?2017-01-16T00:32:06+00:00

“Social media isn’t the end-all-be-all, but it offers marketers unparalleled opportunity to participate in relevant ways. It also provides a launchpad for other marketing tactics. Social media is not an island. It’s a high-power engine on the larger marketing ship.”
– Matt Dickman.

If you are looking for a course to help you:

  • further your knowledge of the Social Media platform
  • talk knowledgeably and confidently to your peers and management about Social Media
  • use Social Media to enhance your Marketing Mix

Course Overview

Social Media and Social Networking are having a greater impact on our lives than ever before – both socially and professionally. It cannot now be ignored as a major communication tool. Where did social media come from? Where is this going? Can this be successfully transferred into the Corporate Communications Mix?

The course will discuss how this can be done successfully and how to avoid the pitfalls that some organisations have come across. The course will discuss social media tools in detail, and how they can be used by organisations as marketing and PR tools.

If you are looking to include Social Media in your plans, you cannot afford to miss this course!

Who Will Benefit?

All marketing professionals wishing to improve their social media knowledge and / or looking to include Social Media within their communications plan.

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