Sustainability is one of the most important issues facing mankind.  We hear about it in the news, in meetings, in interviews and most of us want to become more sustainable. So, what is it and what can you do?

The subject is huge, complex and liable to interpretation. However, in this simple and practical 5-week course, we explain clearly what it is, how it is measured and how you can apply the thinking to your situation.

Speak Sustainability

£499 + VAT

Study Options and Start Dates

This course is delivered through our virtual learning technology, which includes opportunities for live Q&A sessions with our experts.

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The Speak Sustainability course will enable you to be more confident in discussing sustainability in the workplace as well as where you and your colleagues fit in.
You’ll learn to master the fundamentals of suitability and ESG and put the concepts from the course into practice in your own organisation.

What’s Included:

5 on-demand practical sessions

Live Q&As with leading sustainability experts

Access to our bespoke online-learning platform, Oxcom Learning

Opportunity to submit an assignment in order to gain CPD accreditation

Access to our in-house support team via email, phone or Live Chat

What’s Involved:

The course has 5 modules, including key terms, tools, metrics, models, examples, videos, and exercises. There are also opportunities for live Q&A with our experts.

At the end of the course, you will have the option to submit a practical assignment to be marked.

Module 1: Understanding sustainability

This module introduces the concepts and key terms of sustainability and the 6P Good Growth Model.

Module 2: How sustainability changes everything

This module looks at how sustainability presents significant changes for organisations as well as introducing the concept of greenwashing and how organisations can avoid it. The module also focuses on sustainable finance.

Module 3: What is the goal?

This module looks at the various sustainability goals an organisation might have, including to be a sustainable, regenerative and Good Growth company.

Module 4: Learning from others

This module will review how the world’s most well-known brands are becoming sustainable and their journey towards sustainability. You will assess the lessons learned on that journey and review how change leadership can support it.

Module 5: Preparing for your next big sustainability discussion

This module will discuss the key steps that need to be undertaken to become a sustainable organisation and the preparation you will need to do. You will learn about the key lessons in order to drive sustainability in the workplace.

The course costs £499 + VAT

There are no formal training requirements to join this course. The course is aimed at marketers, individuals and business owners with a keen interest in developing their understanding of sustainability.

About Your Course Tutors:

Edmund Bradford

Edmund Bradford

Edmund is an author, consultant, director and games designer. He has over 25 years of practical experience designing and implementing strategic initiatives for companies around the world.  He also develops simulations which are used by many universities and businesses to teach sustainable growth, where he is often seen helping to put the ideas into practice. He is a Teaching Associate at the University of Warwick in the UK and a judge at various UK and international business awards.

Dr. Pooja Khosla

Dr. Pooja Khosla

Dr. Pooja Khosla is a former lecturer in economics at the University of Colorado, USA, and is Executive Vice President of Client & Product Development at Entelligent. She is an econometrician and data scientist with extensive experience in sustainability, ESG, data analysis, predictive modeling, microfinance, and mutual fund analysis. She is one of the inventors of the patented Smart Climate® technology. She has a solid international background in finance, academia, statistical analysis, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Colorado Boulder. She is a much sought-after speaker at sustainability events and has published many papers in trade journals, including Pensions & Investments, CFA NYC, and Morning Consult.

Dr. Alina Udall

Dr. Alina Udall

Dr Alina Udall earned her PhD in sustainable consumer behavior from the University of Bath, is a Sustainability Research Fellow at Newcastle University and a Lecturer at Warwick Business School. She has a passion for research in environmental psychology, looking at how to nudge people into pro-environmental action. Her work on how people’s identities affect their pro-environmental behavior won the 2020 Best Paper award in the prestigious Journal of Consumer Behaviour. She also works with major brands to help them incorporate sustainability into their R&D, product development, market strategy and promotional campaigns.

My CIM qualification is currently being completed at the Oxford College Of Marketing, and although there has been a lot of navigating , the support team are incredible, especially Rebecca Wagner! From prompt responses to detailed explanations, their support has been invaluable. I highly recommend using them.
Just completed a Level 6 Apprenticeship with the college. Highly recommend!Both my tutor and the office team were great and really supportive throughout! I've been so pleased with the quality of everything here that I'm now going on to study further for marketing and digital marketing diplomas through the college.
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Alex S.
I recently ran a webinar on ChatGPT and AI within marketing at OXCOM and it was a wonderful experience! The team was incredibly encouraging and those that attended were incredi