The Non-Marketing Managers Briefing

The Non-Marketing Managers Briefing2018-05-13T22:01:20+00:00

The Non-Marketing Managers Briefing – Improve your marketing knowledge and confidence in using and discussing marketing ideas.


This course gives an overview to those who are about to take on marketing responsibilities.  It will introduce the elements of marketing and planning to ensure you can make an early contribution to the marketing activity to your organisation. It will explore the main concepts, tools and language used in marketing to assist the delegate in mastering marketing within their organisation.


The programme is designed to be interactive and discursive in nature. It will cover a broad range of marketing concepts, centring around a marketing plan. The idea of the course is to raise the knowledge and confidence of the delegate who may have very little knowledge of marketing itself, but may well have considerable business experience in other fields.

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for those newly appointed to a marketing role who may be moving into marketing following careers in other functional areas of the organisation or marketers focused on improved business performance.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Contribute to the marketing activity in your organisation.
  • Use a template marketing planning to enable you to use this tool back in their organisation.
  • Understand the concepts of marketing strategy and marketing tactics or mix, to further develop in your organisation
  • To overall raise your confidence in dealing with marketing issues and marketing people.


  • The role and purpose of marketing in an organisation.
  • The jargon of marketing
  • The contents of a marketing audit
  • The marketing strategy including segmentation, targeting and value proposition
  • The marketing mix, and how to implement the strategy
  • A summary of how the course can best be used by the delegate once back in their organisation

This course can be delivered in-house readymade or tailored to meet the specific needs of company teams. Other bespoke development programmes can also be scoped, designed and delivered to provide unique learning solutions on a range of practical and relevant topics.
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