Oxford College of Marketing has a network of study centres across England as well as internationally, offering face to face training and local advice points. We also welcome online students from across the world.

With Oxford College of Marketing, there are three main ways to study.

  • Face to Face Classes

  • Virtual Classes

  • Distance Learning

If you select face to face or virtual learning, you can study via evening or weekend classes, or through bootcamps. Our study options are fully flexible, so if your circumstances change, you can change your mode of study if you wish.

      Weekly Classes – Virtual or  Face to Face

      If you prefer regular contact with an expert tutor, our weekday classes may be the right study option for you. Each session encompasses instructor-led tuition and practical exercises to help reinforce learning. If your course is assessed by written assignment, you will also receive guidance and feedback from a personal tutor.

      Our virtual weekly classes combine the convenience of online studying with the interaction of a face-to-face session. With this study option, you attend weekly live sessions delivered by one of our expert tutors, either in the evening or afternoon depending on your preference.

      Our face to face weekly classes are held across our UK study centre venues. Each session lasts approximately 3 hours, usually starting at 6pm. Weekly courses are also supplemented by our online learning platform, enabling you to catch up on any missed classes by accessing our recorded material.

      Weekly face to face evening classes are held in the UK at the following venues:

      Weekend Classes – Virtual or  Face to Face

      If you cannot commit to weekly sessions, you may find that the weekend sessions combined with distance learning offer the perfect alternative. Each module is covered within a weekend or two, depending on your chosen study method, and you can select from face to face or virtual classes.

      Outside of your classes, you will go into deeper detail using our online learning platform for self-study. Our Support Team and expert tutors are also always on hand to help with any questions you may have.

      Our virtual weekend classes combine the convenience of online studying with the interaction of a face to face session. They run over two consecutive weekends and each session lasts approximately 3 hours.

      Our face to face weekend classes are held across our network of study centre venues, with each module delivered over one weekend.

      Weekend face to face classes are held in the UK at the following venues:


      Our bootcamps are the perfect option if you’re looking for an interactive short course. Depending on your chosen qualification, bootcamps run either virtually over Zoom or face to face in one of our study centres. All our bootcamps are taught by one of our expert tutors and you will also receive access to our online learning platform.

      For our short digital marketing courses, we run virtual 1-day bootcamps on topics such as SEO, paid search and copywriting. These fast-track bootcamps run from 9.30am to 5pm

      For our DMI Pro course, we offer virtual or face to face 5-day bootcamps in select locations. These bootcamps run from 9am to 4.30pm.

      We run DMI Pro face to face bootcamps at the following venues:

      International – Face to Face Classes

      Our international study centres also offer face to face classes combined with distance learning.

      These are available in the following locations:

      Distance Learning

      Our distance learning training programme enables you to study with us wherever you are in the world and start at any time. Our first-class online learning platform provides course notes, recorded video lectures, podcasts, articles and more. You will also be supported through your qualification assessment with live webinars.

      My CIM qualification is currently being completed at the Oxford College Of Marketing, and although there has been a lot of navigating , the support team are incredible, especially Rebecca Wagner! From prompt responses to detailed explanations, their support has been invaluable. I highly recommend using them.
      Just completed a Level 6 Apprenticeship with the college. Highly recommend!Both my tutor and the office team were great and really supportive throughout! I've been so pleased with the quality of everything here that I'm now going on to study further for marketing and digital marketing diplomas through the college.
      Alex S.
      Alex S.
      I recently ran a webinar on ChatGPT and AI within marketing at OXCOM and it was a wonderful experience! The team was incredibly encouraging and those that attended were incredibly engaged.
      Robyn M.
      Robyn M.
      I completed my CIM diploma and can honestly say the course was great!Highly recommend!
      George W.
      George W.
      I recently completed my CIM Diploma with Oxford College of Marketing and had a great experience with them. Their online learning facilities are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone looking to complete a CIM qualification.
      Richard B.
      Richard B.
      I completed a Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6), and following my positive experience, I highly recommend Oxford College of Marketing . Very professional and k