Study Methods to Suit You

It’s not always easy juggling work, home life and a professional qualification. It’s simply no longer possible for many marketers to travel to in-person evening classes once a week. That’s why we offer a range of study methods to cater to all requirements, from purely online learning to face to face classes. At the Oxford College of Marketing, our courses and study options are designed to suit you and your individual learning style.

Distance Learning

Our most flexible option, allowing you to start studying whenever you like. Using our online learning platform and its materials, you can learn in your own time, at your own pace.

Virtual Classes

Attend live Zoom sessions from the comfort of your own home, interacting with your tutor and classmates. Depending on the course, you can select afternoon, evening or weekend classes.

Face to Face Classes

Ideal for those who prefer in-person classroom-based teaching. We have study centres across England and depending on the course, you can select from evening or weekend classes.

Part-Time Courses

All our marketing courses are designed to be studied part-time. We offer a range of study methods, all of which include access to our online learning platform and its digital resources.

Weekend Courses

Designed for those whose weekdays get booked up. We offer both virtual and face to face weekend classes, so you can find the study option that works best for your personal schedule.


In-House Courses

Perfect for organisations who wish to sponsor a group of employees through one of our courses. We can customise and tailor in-house courses to suit your particular requirements.

Train Online

Get qualified online without needing to commute to in-person classes. Our Distance Learning and Virtual Learning options are both studied completely online from the comfort of your own home.


Get the best of both worlds with our interactive classes and online on-demand resources. Simply choose either Face to Face Classes or Virtual Classes to get started on your learning journey.

Revision Guides

Download one of our CIM Revision Guides to help you prepare for your Level 3 or Level 4 exam. Discover the right learning style for you and use our topic checklist with these informative and useful packs.

I recently ran a webinar on ChatGPT and AI within marketing at OXCOM and it was a wonderful experience! The team was incredibly encouraging and those that attended were incredibly engaged.
Robyn M.
Robyn M.
I completed my CIM diploma and can honestly say the course was great!Highly recommend!
George W.
George W.
I recently completed my CIM Diploma with Oxford College of Marketing and had a great experience with them. Their online learning facilities are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone looking to complete a CIM qualification.
Richard B.
Richard B.
I completed a Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6), and following my positive experience, I highly recommend Oxford College of Marketing . Very professional and kind staff too. Thank you for all your great efforts!
Layal M.
Layal M.
Last year I decided to take the Level 3 certification in Digital Marketing with OXCOM and I am so happy with my choice. They provided so much guidance, even if I was a distant learner the support I received was priceless. I landed on my first ever Marketing job and now I am looking forward to completing the next step. They teach you from scratch and after taking the course you have the confidence to apply the knowledge. Outstanding service provided!
Camelia P.
Camelia P.
I'm currently studying the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing at the Oxford College of Marketing. I have been very impressed with everything regarding my virtual learning: Jane Adrain has been the tutor on my modules so far and she teaches the topic in every engaging and knowledgeable way - having breakouts so topics can be discussed with other students in the class, giving the online learning a social element; tutors are also very helpful and available for questions during assignments; college staff are very responsive and friendly; lots of learning resources are provided and reading materials suggested. Very positive about my learning so far and I highly recommend the Oxford College of Marketing.