The Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing qualification is only available to those who reside outside of the UK.

This postgraduate marketing course is designed to provide experienced marketers with the strategic knowledge and skills they need for the contemporary marketing landscape. This master’s level qualification will help you to successfully lead change at a strategic level, add value to corporate brand and deliver digital strategies. The course typically takes about 12 months to complete.

Anyone studying at the Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing with us gains free access to our Marketing Gateway Programme. This is a supplementary course that covers basic marketing theory to help you revise the essentials before commencing your studies.

Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing
From £300 +VAT per module

Study Options and Start Dates

The CIM Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing modules can be studied in any order. The qualification is delivered by online distance learning only and can be started at any time.

What’s Included

Up to 3 years of support to complete your course

Access to our online learning platform

Interest-free payment options

Free access to foundation pre-courses to revise the basics

Unlimited support access and personal tutor support

What’s Involved

To gain the Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing, you will need to complete three modules, all of which are mandatory. Each module is assessed by a written assignment.

Global Marketing Decisions

This module will enable you to undertake a strategic audit of a global organisation. You will assess their capability to deliver business and marketing strategies before making recommendations based on a critical evaluation of the options available.

Creating Entrepreneurial Change

This module looks at how marketing leaders can embrace entrepreneurship and create transformational change within organisations. You will examine the dynamics of innovation and change, and understand how to identify the key learning processes in driving innovative strategies.

Corporate Digital Communications

This module will enable you to critically appraise the corporate brand and understand the importance of digital communications when developing corporate positioning. You will learn how to use digital channels and tools effectively to support corporate reputation.

Sustainable Transformation in Global Marketing

In this module candidates will look at the different role marketing has to play within a global organisation and in today’s global economy. Candidates will explore the future risks, opportunities and challenges which allow them to inform decisions and recommendations in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies to meet the needs of the future operating landscape. The module will also equip executives with the knowledge, know-how and thinking to not only build sustainable strategies, but also communicate, execute and evolve them effectively both internally and externally to their key stakeholders.

Download the CIM Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing Syllabus

Distance Learning
From £300 +VAT per module with 3 years of support.

We provide payment plans to suit most students.

Please note: Prices do not include your CIM membership or assessment fees.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing is a master’s level qualification. It is designed for marketing managers who are working at a strategic level and have at least 3 years of management experience.

Most students studying at this level are graduates, hold a degree equivalent qualification or have previously completed the CIM Level 6 Diploma or equivalent.

I recently ran a webinar on ChatGPT and AI within marketing at OXCOM and it was a wonderful experience! The team was incredibly encouraging and those that attended were incredibly engaged.
Robyn M.
Robyn M.
I completed my CIM diploma and can honestly say the course was great!Highly recommend!
George W.
George W.
I recently completed my CIM Diploma with Oxford College of Marketing and had a great experience with them. Their online learning facilities are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone looking to complete a CIM qualification.
Richard B.
Richard B.
I completed a Diploma in Professional Marketing (Level 6), and following my positive experience, I highly recommend Oxford College of Marketing . Very professional and kind staff too. Thank you for all your great efforts!
Layal M.
Layal M.
Last year I decided to take the Level 3 certification in Digital Marketing with OXCOM and I am so happy with my choice. They provided so much guidance, even if I was a distant learner the support I received was priceless. I landed on my first ever Marketing job and now I am looking forward to completing the next step. They teach you from scratch and after taking the course you have the confidence to apply the knowledge. Outstanding service provided!
Camelia P.
Camelia P.
I'm currently studying the CIM Certificate in Professional Digital Marketing at the Oxford College of Marketing. I have been very impressed with everything regarding my virtual learning: Jane Adrain has been the tutor on my modules so far and she teaches the topic in every engaging and knowledgeable way - having breakouts so topics can be discussed with other students in the class, giving the online learning a social element; tutors are also very helpful and available for questions during assignments; college staff are very responsive and friendly; lots of learning resources are provided and reading materials suggested. Very positive about my learning so far and I highly recommend the Oxford College of Marketing.
I really appreciate the way Oxford college support in all communications and the material shared by them is really fantastic which is quite friendly and easy to grab and understand. I highly recommend this college.
Richa K.
Richa K.
I picked Oxford College of Marketing from the list of CIM study centres I originally contacted because they were able to answer all my questions and provide guidance from first point of contact. All their communications were prompt and genuinely helpful instead of a sales pitch.In my studies with them, I have found the same level of support, especially during the Covid pandemic. The tutors and the support team truly go above and beyond. No question is left unanswered and there are a number of extra resources you are given access to, as well as curated reading lists and online articles which are relevant to the module you are studying.I recommend the college and most importantly the staff.
Zahreen S.
Zahreen S.

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