Designed for marketers working in more senior roles, the CIM Diploma in Professional & Digital Marketing will help you to build necessary skills to progress you career as a Marketing Manager. This qualification will help you to develop a strategic mindset and enhance your capabilities as a marketing leader.

The CIM Level 6 Diploma takes approximately 12 months to complete and is equivalent to an undergraduate degree. The qualification will equip you with an understanding of the latest thinking and marketing trends, enabling you to successful implement strategic marketing initiatives.

While studying the CIM Diploma, you will also gain free access to our Marketing Gateway Programme. This is a supplementary course that covers basic marketing theory to support you in revising the essentials before commencing your studies.

Diploma in Professional and Digital Marketing
From £1800 +VAT

Study Options and Start Dates

The Diploma in Professional & Digital Marketing modules can be studied in any order from September 2024. If you choose Face to Face Learning or Virtual Learning, there will be various start times throughout the year. If you wish to study via Distance Learning, you will be able to start at any time from September.

Next Virtual Class start date: September 2024
Next Face to Face Class start date: September 2024

What’s Included

Up to 3 years of support to complete your course

Free Project Management course

Interest-free payment options

Mock exam and revision sessions

Unlimited support access and personal tutor support

What’s Involved

To gain the CIM Level 6 Diploma, you will need to complete four modules. There are two route you can take to completing your qualification, depending on the combination of modules you choose.

CIM Diploma Route

Strategy and Planning (mandatory module)

The Strategy and Planning module is designed to develop your strategic thinking, giving you the skills to create comprehensive marketing plans to successfully support strategic organisational goals.

Societal Impact (elective module)

The Societal Impact module focuses on understanding sustainability and its role in organisational change. You will be able to align marketing strategies with long-term sustainability goals, engaging stakeholders for action.

Commercial Intelligence (elective module)

Commercial Intelligence will teach you how to interpret and apply data for strategic decision-making in competitive markets. The module will give you the skills to be able to analyse commercial data to enhance marketing strategies and deliver ROI .

Content Strategy (elective module)

This module takes a strategic view to content marketing and its fundamental importance in building trust, relationships and delivering conversions. You will learn how to create an effective content strategy and successfully manage its implementation.

Brand Proposition (elective module)

The Brand Proposition module explores how marketers can be the driving force behind brand strategy development. You will gain the skills to be able to create a unique brand proposition in increasing competitive markets as well as how to successfully manage a brand.

Customer Journey Optimisation (elective module)

This module will provide you with the necessary skills to be able to analyse various touchpoints within a customer journey, to deliver improvements in conversions and customer satisfaction.

Ai in Marketing (elective module)

This module explores the key concepts of AI, including the role of data and machine learning. You will learn about the application of different AI tools and how to integrate them within a marketing strategy.

Ecommerce (elective module)

This module provides the knowledge and skills to develop a successful ecommerce proposition. You will learn about ecommerce website best practice as well as how to build a suitable inbound marketing strategy.

Social Media Management (elective module)

This module will enable you to build a successful social media strategy and effectively manage social media channels and communities to drive audience engagement.

SEO & Paid Search Management (elective module)

The module will provide you with the knowledge and skills to design an effective search strategy to support an organisation’s wider marketing goals. You will learn how to apply various SEO and paid search best practice to improve search engine visibility.

Diploma in Professional and Digital Marketing Syllabus

Each CIM Diploma module is assessed online. The mandatory Strategy and Planning module is assessed by a marketing plan submitted in advance, then a multiple-choice exam which lasts 2 hours. All the other modules are assessed by multiple-choice exams which last 90 minutes.

The pass mark for all exams is 60%.

Distance Learning
From £1800 +VAT with 3 years of support

Virtual Classes
From £2760 +VAT with 3 years of support

Face to Face
From £3060 +VAT with 3 years of support

We provide payment plans to suit most students.

Please note: Prices do not include your CIM membership or assessment fees. Prices may vary depending on elective module chosen.

The Diploma in Professional Marketing is a Level 6 qualification equivalent to an undergraduate degree. Most students who study at this level are graduates, have a degree equivalent qualification, or have completed the CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing.

You will also find it useful to have a minimum of 2 years’ marketing experience and to be currently working within a marketing role.

If you have not studied marketing previously or you would like to update your understanding of basic marketing theory, we offer our free Marketing Gateway Programme to help you revise the essentials.