The marketing lecturers and tutors at the Oxford College of Marketing have exceptional marketing skills and teaching abilities. Drawn from a range of professional marketing, training, lecturing and academic backgrounds, every course is delivered by a carefully chosen combination of staff to ensure you get the most out of it.

As marketing training is so much more than learning the textbook approach and getting through Chartered Institute of Marketing exams, at the Oxford College of Marketing you will learn from those with senior and current marketing experience. Many of our staff have portfolio careers combining lecturing and tutoring with full-time marketing jobs or marketing consultant positions.

Because real life doesn’t stand still, we continue to recruit new staff with different experiences to ensure we keep up with the ever-changing marketing environment. We are always looking for new staff for new centres and programmes. If you would like to join us as a lecturer or tutor please contact us with a CV. We expect our staff to have senior marketing experience, a sound marketing academic background and above all a passion for marketing, training and adding real value to the professional lives of our students.

Red Barrington
Paula Bates
April Boulton
Nick Day
Alice Buck
Debbie Pearson
Kalust Manukyan
Joe Shami
Oana Sav
Kara Stanford
Hayley Walton
Alex Hutson
Sandra Clunliffe
Catarina Mendes
Dan Bennett
Angela Dalrymple
Simon Fabrizio
Usama Adnan Ali Al-Lawait
Dawn Baird
Roger Christiansen
Peter Baynes
Geoff Gamble